TeleHealth Video Psychotherapy Sessions

My on-line practice management program includes a fully encrypted HIPAA compliant TeleHealth video psychotherapy program.

I generally find in-person psychotherapy to be more effective than psychotherapy done through a video connection. That said, there are times where one may not be able attend an in-person session. Examples would be if one is home ill or taking care of someone else who is ill or possibly even when one is out of town and feeling it is important to have a session.

TeleHealth video psychotherapy sessions make this possible.

There are some restrictions, however. Since I’m licensed to practice in Virginia, I cannot legally provide psychological services to someone who resides outside of Virginia. If you are an ongoing patient of mine and are temporarily out of state, I can provide TeleHealth video services when there is strong case to be made for maintaining continuity of care. However, if you’re living in Montana and you’d like to become a patient of mine, that’s not legally acceptable.

Additionally, not all insurances pay for video psychotherapy. If you are interested in TeleHealth video psychotherapy sessions, you will need to check with your insurer to learn whether the service is covered. If not covered than my TeleHealth video fees are the same as my standard fees for service.