Bipolar-Related Internet Links

Below is a list of online websites and other information links which will assist you in gathering information about bipolar disorder.

  • – American Psychological Association’s website about Bipolar Disorder.
  • Bipolar Lives – Excellent site with good information and support for those with bipolar disorder
  • Bipolar Medication Guide – A site that discusses medications used for treating bipolar disorder
  • Bipolar Network News – An online newsletter delivering current news about research and treatment pertaining to bipolar disorder.
  • Bipolar Hope – An informational website for the hard copy magazine – Bipolar Hope – a nicely done quarterly magazine publication for those with bipolar disorder.
  • BP – Website about childhood bipolarity. Includes sections specifically for children
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – National organization with comprehensive information, links, media information and membership options for those with bipolar disorder.
  • Documentary Films about Bipolar Disorder – BP Hope Magazine – This link to a BP Magazine online page provides access to seven excellent documentary films about bipolar disorder.
  • – Bipolar Self-help and Support – A nonprofit organization devoted to providing education, health, and support to individuals and families facing mental health issues. Excellent information provided about bipolar disorder.
  • International Bipolar Foundation – An international foundation for Bipolar Disorder education, research, and support. Has an extensive website. Can also be helpful in providing referrals to professionals with expertise in bipolar disorder. For referral, assistance write:
  • K12 Academics – Bipolar Disorder – A national organization with topics pertinent to education, including important medical/psychological issues. The site provides excellent information about bipolar disorder.
  • – A United Kingdom based informational website about bipolar disorder.
  • Mayo Clinic Bipolar Information – A nationally recognized provider of medical services with a website providing thorough and reputable information about bipolar disorder.
  • MedLine Plus – Bipolar Disorder – A website with thorough information about bipolar disorder sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health.
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness – Fact sheet on bipolar disorder by a grassroots mental health advocacy organization.
  • National Institute of Mental Health – A long established and reputable national organization with some of the best and latest information about mental health issues.
  • PsychCentral – One of the more extensive websites with excellent information on bipolar and other mood disorders
  • – An excellent holistically-oriented website with extensive user-friendly information about diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder. The site does a particularly good job at discussing the subtleties of bipolar II disorder and it’s unique treatment requirements.
  • – An informational website sponsored by the American psychiatric Association.
  • – An informative and contemporary offering of different articles about bipolar disorder.
  • – Bipolar Disorder – On-line information source with extensive bipolar related information.
  • Wikipedia – Bipolar Disorder

Excellent Magazine Articles About Bipolarity

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