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Journal Articles, Book Chapters and other writing by Russ Federman

Bipolar You – Psychology Today Magazine – An Ongoing Blog about Bipolar Disorder.    Articles have been written quarterly (at least) since 2010.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in the University Population  Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, Vo. 25, Issue 1, 2010.

In the spring, 2011, the American College Health Foundation awarded the Stephen Weiss writing prize to Dr. Federman as “the lead author of a pivotal publication in college mental health.” In October the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD) selected the same article to receive the 2011 Award for Excellence in Counseling Center Scholarship.

Healthy Living with Bipolar DisorderDr. Federman contributed two chapters to the 2012 book puplished by :The international Bipolar Foundation based in San Diego, CA. The book was made available for online public access.  The two chapters written by Dr. Federman are:

“The Risks of Substance Abuse for Those with Bipolar Disorder”

“Going to College with Bipolar Disorder”

Audio and Video Links to Presentations by Dr. Federman:

International Bipolar Foundation Presentation – Relationship between Bipolarity and Narcissism: Distinctions, Comorbidity and Treatment Implications.  July 25, 2018.

Mind and Heart Show Radio Podcast – Charlottesville’s FM Radio – WPVC. November 26, 2015 Interview with Russ Federman about treatment of bipolar disorder

The Challenges of Treating Bipolar Disorder During the College Years – October, 2013.  An on-line webinar done for the International Bipolar Foundation.

Facing Bipolar Video Series a 2012 video discussion by Russ Federman, Ph.D. and J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., MD.  The presentation is divided into 10 parts, each corresponding with a different content area.

Going to College with Bipolar Disorder” – November 2011.  A presentation delivered in San Diego for the International Bipolar Foundation.