Professional Training, Consultation and Supervision: Bipolar Disorder

Given my background with bipolar treatment I sometimes provide consultation and supervision to clinicians interested in developing their skills in working with bipolar disorder.

I am in the process of forming a consultation group for mental health professionals in the Central Virginia region. The group will focus upon peer consultation for those providing psychotherapy to individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Participation will require that participants are fully licensed to treat mental health conditions in the state of Virginia. There will be no fee for this group. My interested is mostly that of bringing together local professionals who share some common clinical interest in bipolar disorder. Date, time and frequency of meeting has not yet been determined.

In addition to my local work, I’ve provided numerous lectures and clinical training pertaining to the treatment of bipolar disorder for counseling center staff at universities across the country. If you are interested in talking with me about consultation, supervision or the delivery of clinical training, please feel free to contact me.