Support Group for University Students and Young Adults


When:   Wednesday’s – 6:15 to 7:45 – every other week

Where: 918 9½ St., NE., C’Ville 22902


Leader: Russ Federman, Ph.D., ABPP

Cost:   $60 per month ($30 per meeting)

Contact Info:

Phone: (434) 962-7495


While bipolar disorder has received increasing attention through the media over the last five years, it is still the case that individuals with the disorder often feel very alone, stigmatized and misunderstood by others who know little about bipolar disorder. Add to this the stresses of university life, academics or the first couple of years post graduation work experience, and the experience can be very challenging. The support group provides an opportunity to receive support and understanding while also learning from others who are at similar places in their lives.

This group meets every other Wednesday evening. It will not meet during the winter semester break. If a student is out of enrollment due to having taken a medical withdrawal, he/she is still eligible as long as the goal is to return to university enrollment as soon as possible. Confidentiality, respect and safety in relation to membership identity and personal information disclosed are strongly emphasized throughout the group process.

Criteria for Potential Inclusion in the Group:

Group members must already have the diagnosis of bipolar I or II and be accepting of the diagnosis (should not attend if they are doubtful about it).

  • Group members must be able to assure confidentiality with regard to other members’ identities and content that will be disclosed during the group.
  • Group members must have the capacity for trust and open sharing of personal information.
  • Group members must have a current relationship with a prescribing psychiatrist and/or a psychotherapist (these can be the same). If a therapy relationship is not currently in place, a group member must have the capability/willingness commence individual therapy if such is indicated.
  • Group members must have the capacity to commit to consistent attendance.