Extended In-Depth Assessment of Bipolar Disorder

Occasionally an individual may be interested in receiving a one-time in-depth consult and assessment pertaining to bipolar disorder. The motivation for an in-depth assessment may reflect concerns about emerging bipolar disorder symptoms.  Alternately, an individual may previously have been diagnosed and is now seeking a second opinion regarding the diagnosis.

The in-depth consultation is approximately three hours in length.  With several weeks advanced notice the consult is typically scheduled for a Saturday morning.  The benefit of scheduling this large block of time is the opportunity for thorough discussion and exploration without being limited by the constraints of a double or possibly even a single session.  Essentially there’s a lot more that can be explored in three hours as opposed to one-and-three-quarter hours.  A Saturday morning consult can also be more viable if one is traveling to Charlottesville from another geographic region.

Dr. Federman does these kinds of in-depth consultations on an intermittent basis, depending largely on his availability. The consultation is approximately three hours in length. With several weeks advanced notice the consult is typically scheduled for a Saturday morning from 9:00 to 12:00. The benefit of this kind of consult is the depth with which issues can be explored in one sitting as opposed to having matters spread out over the course of several weekly meetings. It can also be more efficient if one is traveling to Charlottesville from another geographic region.

The assessment will cover the following areas:

  • Current symptoms and background
  • Course of presenting issues
  • Assessment of lifestyle and environmental influences
  • Psychiatric/psychotherapy treatment history
  • Family psychiatric history
  • Psychosocial history
  • Substance use history
  • Discussion of diagnosis
  • Treatment recommendations

If the individual being assessed would like to have a spouse, partner or family member participate in the assessment, he or she is welcome to do so.

If the assessment will serve as the foundation for subsequent treatment with Dr. Federman, a written report will not be generated unless specifically requested by the individual being assessed. However, if the assessment is being done for an individual living outside the Charlottesville area and is intended for use by other mental health or medical professionals, a comprehensive written report will be provided. The report will usually be written and sent to the patient within one to two weeks following the assessment.

Cost of the three-hour consultation and assessment is $450. Insurance typically does not cover an assessment of this nature.

If a comprehensive written report is added, the additional cost is $300.