Hysterectomy Associated With Increased Risk of Bipolar Disorder

The risk of developing bipolar disorder was more than double in women who received a hysterectomy, compared with those who did not undergo the procedure, in a study published online in Depression and Anxiety.

“Knowledge about how surgical or natural hormonal withdrawal influences mood is fundamental and emphasizes the importance of coordinated psychiatric and gynecological care,” researchers wrote.

The study compared 4337 women in Taiwan between 30 and 50 years old who received a hysterectomy with 17,348 women matched for age who did not undergo a hysterectomy.

Over nearly 8 years of follow-up, 20 women who had a hysterectomy and 28 women who did not receive developed bipolar disorder. Nineteen of the 20 women who developed bipolar disorder after hysterectomy were diagnosed more than 1 year after the procedure, according to Psychiatric News coverage.

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