Consultation Service for College-bound Student With Bipolar Disorder

Comprehensive Consultation Fee: $1800

For those with bipolar disorder the college experience offers exciting opportunities but they don’t come without accompanying challenges and pitfalls.  Finding the right school with appropriate mental health resources is very important.  Establishing a customized treatment plan and professional support team is equally important for long term success during university enrollment.

The college-bound consultation draws on Dr. Federman’s 22 years experience working within university mental health, as well as his current active relationships with university counseling center directors across the country.  The consultation consists of three initial components  plus a fourth to be utilized as needed:

1) Comprehensive Clinical Assessment: in-office diagnostic assessment.  Typically entails three to four hours of in-office meetings.  Where possible, one of the meetings will involve parents or other key family members who will be central to the student’s life while he/she is attending college.

2) Written Assessment Report: a comprehensive report based on the assessment sessions.  The report will highlight the clinical, developmental, psychosocial and lifestyle issues needing attention in relation to the student’s university enrollment.  The report will also be used to convey important information about the student to university and/or private sector mental health professionals once a final university selection has been made.

3) Referral and Treatment Planning: assisting student and family to establish a clinical treatment team and professional support network at the chosen university or within the local community where the student will be residing.  This will entail telephone and/or written communication with university counseling center professionals, prospective community mental health providers and key university offices (disability support services, university housing, etc).  The intended outcome is to identify key resources for help and to establish their interactive roles prior to the student’s departure to college.

4) Crisis-related support and assistance.  This is not designed for the outset of the consultation, but Dr. Federman will be available to consult with the student by phone and help the family communicate with university and/or hospital professionals in the event the bipolar student does experience an episode of acute destabilization.  If the student must take a medical withdrawal from enrollment and return home for a period of time in the Central Virginia area, Dr. Federman will be available to meet with the student and the family to assist in arriving at appropriate choices about moving forward following a bipolar relapse.  This service is not part of the initial consultation and fees will reflect Dr. Federman’s standard outpatient practice fees.

With regard to payment for the consultation, 1/3 is expected at the outset of the assessment, the second third is expected once the university applications have been completed and submitted and the final third is expected at the point that a treatment plan is in place and the student commences enrollment.  If all the preliminary work is completed (assessment, school selection, development of a treatment plan), but the student does not proceed on to university study, full payment for the consult will nonetheless still be expected.